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September 22, 2020

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Welcome to the BT Portal

42 Bay Street

Welcome to the BT online community.  Active participation is encouraged.  With a little effort up front on your part, coming to the site and initiating communication;  this can be come a vital communitywhere we experience robust interchange among current and alumni members of Beta Tau. 

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Always the right weather in Potsdam!


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Recent discussion threads

alumni weekend 2009 (9/8/09)
pretty solid weekend from the actives. a lot of good kids up there. they haven't gone without a pledge class in a while now which says a lot considering the amount of kids any house gets. it seems like we're getting to the point where we all need to start looking forward to the day when the current house is paid off and we can find somewhere a little more accommodating to our bullshit. obviously, the ideal choice would be an island or somewhere with a huge wall built around it but we'll have to do without and be a part of society. nice work to everyone who worked to get the alumni association set up. hopefully, this idea will be used to its fullest. to those who couldn't make it, try to help the guys out a little if you can. they've redone the kitchen cabinets among other things and are trying to make the house look great. this will mean a lot when it comes time to sell as well as right now.


Pig Roast 2005

The Pig Roaster!

Once again Paul Miller hosted the yearly Pig Roast at his home in PA. Many BT Fossils were there and the first set of pictures (Thanks Manfred) have been posted on the site at

  • Manfred's Pics

    More to come . . .

  • 40th Batefest Revisited

    Boneheads in the River

    There were many pictures of the 4oth Anniverary Event in Postdam.  It's well worth taking a look back at so I urge you to open Pandora's box and enter the world of the bizarre.

    Manfred's 80's Scans

    Our good friend Manfred Strauss has gotten busy scanning in a large number of photos that were taken back in the 1980's. There are many from Potsdam as well as some from various BT related events and parties back in the 80's. Thanks to Manfred's efforts we are able to look back and remember some events that we would probably prefer to forget. One image that will forever be burned into my mind is Jon Cohen the cross dressing bartender at the Whiskey One. Many thanks Manfred for nightmares for years to come!

    See the full batch at

    Myron aren't you cute!

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