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Manfred's 80's Scans

Our good friend Manfred Strauss has gotten busy scanning in a large number of photos that were taken back in the 1980's. There are many from Potsdam as well as some from various BT related events and parties back in the 80's. Thanks to Manfred's efforts we are able to look back and remember some events that we would probably prefer to forget. One image that will forever be burned into my mind is Jon Cohen the cross dressing bartender at the Whiskey One. Many thanks Manfred for nightmares for years to come!

See the full batch at

Myron aren't you cute!

50th Anniversary Pictures Posted

It got a little chilly in Potsdam

See the following sites and links for Posted content from some of BT's most talented shutterbugs.

Pig Roast 2005

The Pig Roaster!

Once again Paul Miller hosted the yearly Pig Roast at his home in PA. Many BT Fossils were there and the first set of pictures (Thanks Manfred) have been posted on the site at

  • Manfred's Pics

    More to come . . .

  • Beaner Pics Round 2

    Some sissy wearing a PHI K Sweatshirt

    Steve has once again reached in to the shoebox wayback machine and scanned up some choice photos of yesteryear for the enjoyment of the brotherhood.  The second set of pictures are now posted.

    Thanks Again Steve!

    Miller's Pig Roast

    Pig Roast Attendees

    A the risk of sounding old, I will tell you that Miller’s Annual Pig Roast in late summer is well into it’s second decade and I can recall the start of the tradition. (The Pig Roast)

    This party has been a hallmark event every year due to it’s uncanny power to drag ‘fossils’ right out of their comfy homes and assemble them for hours in a hedonistic ritual of consumption of Food and Drink. This years event was no slouch in the ‘fossil’ department. Steven J Tambini ‘Beaner’, Chris Andreasen ‘dreasen-noid’, Tim Ursprung ‘T.U.’, Dave ‘oopy’ Evans, George Poole ‘cess’ and many other notables all accounted for in the pictures of the event.

    Vertucci BT Pictures

    Bid Night Fall 1980

    Kelly Vertucci went through a load of pictures she and Jeff had from school and post graduation and provided me a few (197 to be exact).  I have posted them as there are numerous from the house and parties in the Maryland area.

    Please join me in thanking Jeff and Kelly for these as they bring back great memories!

    Note: If you have some old pictures and send them to me as digital images, I am more than happy to get them posted and linked to here.

    Beaner's Classic BT Photos

    Oopy, Miller and Beaner

    Steve Tambini sent me some classic BT photos from 1979-1981 timframe he had located and scanned.  These are killer!  My personal favorite is Liquid Looney passed out with a popcorn box on his head.

    Thanks Steve!

    Leggett Party a Sleeper?

    Dan Sleeping off his Party

    Dan "the Man" Leggett just completed a renovation on his house in Bethesda, MD.  To celebrate he hosted a party at his home.  There are some pictures thanks to Johnny Miller.  

    Actives Photos (Fall & Christmas'04)

    What is this?

    Pig Roast Revisited

    Marina, Oopy & George Poole

    Earlier in the year I posted a set of pictures about the Miller Pig Roast.  George & Marina Poole have sent me a CD with some additional photos.  Thanks George & Marina!

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